Leather Clothing

Our clothing designs are simple and elegant, using mostly deerskins discarded by hunters, bone beads, and other decorations. The line consists mostly of unisex skirts as well as wrist bands, anklets, bikini tops, and head bands. Each piece is hand stitched and custom fitted with snaps to fit your frame.

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Chi Study and Practice

At the core of everything we create is the energy of life, in the Chinese this energy is called Chi. In the Greek it was called eros as they understood the arousing and sensual nature of this energy. Our culture does not have a word for it, and becoming reacquainted with this energy is a powerful  life experience. Many people talk about and ponder the concept of god while the focus is always on the material world. As Einstein's seminal equation affirms, the universe is predominantly energy, not matter.

There is far more empty space and energy in the cosmos both in the macrocosm and the microcosm. Our tendency to focus on the matter and "spiritualize" the energetic aspects of the universe, tends to spawn separatist religions and sects that rely on illusory beliefs rather than physical realities that consider the space and energy as well as the material.

Chi is the unique life energy that we all possess, express, share, and perceive as conscious awareness. Most of us understand that life is a miracle, though few live in that miracle. When we return to the simplicity of essential expression in the present moment reality, life becomes miraculous, mysterious, and synchronistic. While many are learning practices, rites, and rituals to "attain" spirituality, the truth is that enlightenment is our natural state of being and meditation is our natural state of thought. We struggle with effort and volition while drowsed in our conditioning and the deep unconsciousness that our conditioning and programming presents.

Both the study of Reiki and the practice of Reality Guidance work toward enabling individuals to recapture the innocence and joy of their relaxed youth and natural expression. Both our life experience, our expression, and even our appearance can evolve and life becomes fuller, richer, and more productive.

This unique life energy is the very energy that infuses all our products, performances, and artistic processes.

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